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(A Note for Those Considering Participation)

As a healthcare professional, you might be occasionally frustrated by your EHR or e-prescribing system. While there are many things about those tools that can be aggravating and annoying, the inability to easily order or prescribe a particular drug or device, particularly when the product is newly approved or has been recently changed, is one of the most common complaints we hear.

The Think Patients team tries to help prevent and fix those problems, and we could use your help in that effort, as a participant in our EHR Insights surveys and similar market research efforts.

Through fast, easy, online surveys we ask healthcare professionals just like you to take a quick look inside their EHRs or e-prescribing systems to tell us whether they can see a particular new product or products appearing. For that effort, we offer an honorarium (usually a $10 Amazon or Starbucks e-card) as a “thank you” for taking the 3 minutes or so required to look up a few products in the EHR and report on what is found. By checking in with many different healthcare professionals that use many different EHRs, we can help spot problems early so that information gaps can be closed quickly. Many healthcare professionals have been participating in our surveys for years now because it’s so easy to do, and it offers a useful way to provide feedback that can make everyone’s “EHR life” a little easier.

Some healthcare professionals also elect to participate in occasional, larger market research efforts. For example, if there is reason to think a particular product listing might be appearing in a confusing way, we might ask for a screenshot to help better diagnose the problem. We pay a slightly larger honorarium for that, of course, because it takes a little bit more time. And sometimes healthcare professionals elect to participate in confidential interviews, longer surveys or focus groups. We pay industry-standard honorarium for that, too, and frankly many participants say that they enjoy conversations with us more than those they have with other research companies, because we go out of our way to be professional, courteous, and friendly, and our long histories in the healthcare industry mean we know the subject matter well enough to not waste your time. 

Regardless of your level of participation in our research efforts, you decide if and when you participate, how often you participate, and the types of studies in which you participate. We also fiercely protect your identity. We never share your name, where you practice, or anything else that could identify you to our sponsors or clients. We never sell or trade your name or contact information, nor use it to contact you for anything other than our research studies. To be frank, our relationship with you is what makes this service possible, so we treat that relationship with the high level of respect it deserves.

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If that sounds good to you, and you are a U.S. healthcare professional who wants to participate in any of our research efforts, please click here to sign up for our panel. That link will take you to a short form inside a secure database that we use to collect and store your information. We don’t collect a lot of information, just enough to match you with the right surveys. We send our periodic surveys through a well-known service called Survey Monkey, and we email your electronic honorarium codes directly from our own email box,, a few days after we close the survey. You can use that same email address to contact us any time you wish.

That’s about all there is to it. We just ask for honest answers and opinions when you do choose to participate. And while it doesn’t happen often, if you ever want to stop receiving invitations, you can just opt out using the link on any survey form.

Thanks for considering working with us, and we hope you take the next step and fill out the form (or just answer a survey, if you came here after receiving an invitation). Working together, maybe we can make EHRs just a little bit better. And if not, hey, at least you can get a cup of coffee for trying!

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