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We Work with Leaders and Innovators in BioPharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Digital Therapeutics

We make healthcare better by helping leading companies in the biological and pharmaceutical, medical device, and digital therapeutics industries develop and deliver innovative solutions and memorable engagement strategies. We do that by helping our clients better understand the needs of their customers, and by helping their innovation-focused teams with everything from ideation to project management. And when it’s time to communicate and educate those customers, we’re experts in both the application of health information technology and the use of digital tools to create lasting engagement.

Contrary to what many believe when they see our name, we don’t attempt to work directly with patients. Our companies “think patients” by helping our clients do a better job serving the needs of healthcare professionals and patients, but we work through them to have a much larger impact than we might have on our own.

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Two Complementary Companies

In 2018, we split the original Think Patients into two “operating units” – Corvus Solutions and Health Accelerators – to better meet the needs of our customers. These two teams operate as separate companies under the Think Patients umbrella but can share resources when needed to meet customer needs and support client priorities and projects. 

Corvus Solutions is focused on helping biopharmaceutical, medical device and digital therapeutics companies bring new products and services to market, and on ensuring that these companies are prepared to engage with their customers through digital tools such as EHRs and e-prescribing systems. The Corvus Solutions team has deep expertise in the way pricing compendia, clinical compendia, and other information sources distribute information, and the company has become one of the industry’s leading suppliers of services designed to help companies ensure their products are accurately represented within these workflow tools.

The Corvus Solutions team also helps its clients better understand the needs of their healthcare professional customers who use digital tools for patient care, and helps these clients better design and deliver information about, and solutions that augment, the use of their products. Corvus Solutions also helps these same clients improve the effectiveness of their internal teams focused on digital solutions and innovation, making it the go-to advisor for companies that wish to create, pilot, and scale new solutions for a digitally-enabled healthcare system.

Health Accelerators helps healthcare companies improve their engagement, communications and marketing strategies, while also supplying them with a range of marketing and communications services. 

Health Accelerators also works with selected suppliers of commercial services and technologies to the healthcare community, and with venture capital and private equity firms active in the healthcare space. Health Accelerators is designed to meet a growing need within the industry for practical marketing advice and services that can flex to accommodate a variety of budgets, brands and companies, but is especially well-suited for challenger brands and those who need the experience and guidance of experienced marketers without the added overhead often found with larger agencies.

Health Accelerators supplies its clients with strategy, planning and communications services through experienced marketers who can even serve as part-time or interim marketing officers and brand team leaders. Health Accelerators is often called upon to help brand leaders manage their traditional agencies and suppliers on an ongoing basis, a service that can help a resource-constrained team “do more with less” and get maximum value from its existing suppliers, often without a need for additional headcount.

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We Orchestrate Amazing Collaborations

Our clients have learned that in addition to our own employees, our companies have a unique ability to convene some of the industry’s best and brightest companies and individuals to create collaborations that would be difficult for a company to recruit and manage on its own, regardless of its size. 

We work with some of the best and brightest minds in a variety of industries needed by our clients, many of whom wish to retain a certain level of autonomy and flexibility in their lives. Often, these experts wish to focus on their work rather than manage the business side of things such as invoicing and account management. We help our clients obtain the services of these specialized companies and individuals and manage their work under a collaborative umbrella that makes things much easier, and often less expensive, for our clients.

Think Patients companies design and manage these custom collaborations better than any firm in the industry, enabling our clients to contract with a single entity that manages and is accountable for all aspects of an engagement while simultaneously supplying the client with a breadth and depth of expertise that would be difficult or impossible to create on their own.

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To Learn More...

If you want to know more about either of our operating units, please visit Corvus Solutions or Health Accelerators. We also invite you to read our periodic blog posts, or to drop us a note about any topic related to healthcare. Please note, however, that we do not accept “blind” solicitations from suppliers through the website, so please don’t contact us here to try to sell us products or services.